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Ric & Jude’s Tassie Trip – The Pics! December 6, 2005

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The Rusty Nail Bush Poetry Competition was held here in Wedderburn on the 8th October and because of all the people staying, Jude missed out on her birthday on the 9th. Consequently we went to Tassie the following week-end for some quiet time away.

Quiet time! I don’t think so. It was absolutely amazing the amount of stuff we crammed into the week-end away. We arrived on the Friday night, but because Tassie was already on daylight saving, we missed out on a flash dinner somewhere. Not to worry. We had a beautiful wood fired pizza at the local pub.

First up next morning after breakfast was a trip to the Salamanca market. Really interesting place with all sorts of goodies to pick from, particularly if you’re into craft.

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Above is a photo of Jude standing outside our motel, the Macquarie Manor in central Hobart. It was a great motel and included in the room rate was a full breakfast.

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Between the motel and the Salamanca market were some gardens that we walked around. Jude was quite taken with the flowers of course, but then again, it’s amazing what can be done with a bit of rainfall!

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Jude in our motel room. It was quite large and very comfortable. (Note the glass of red!)

The next day we hired a car to go touring and visit the Port Arthur penal settlement. On the way to Port Arthur we stopped and had a look around the Botanical Gardens. Well, Jude did and Ric tagged along!

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Information about Richmond from Wikipedia

Richmond, Tasmania is a town about 25 km north-east of Hobart, in the Coal River region, between the Midlands Highway and Tasman Highway.

Richmond’s most famous landmark is the Richmond Bridge, built in 1823, around the time of the town’s first settlement. It is Australia’s oldest bridge still in use.
The town was initially part of the route between Hobart and Port Arthur until the Sorell Causeway was constructed in 1872.
Present-day Richmond is best known as being preserved as it was as that time. It is a vibrant tourist town, with many of the sandstone structures still standing.

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The drive to Port Arthur was quite pleasant but from an old penal settlement, it has really turned into a hive of tourist activity. The “tour” cost a small fortune and you had to pay for the lot as part of your admission price to get in the front gate!

Solitary confinement was the first port of call for new prisoners at Port Arthur. The intention was to break their will and spirit. According to all reports, it was a strategy that worked. Posted by Picasa

This is the story of the workshops and punishment cells at Port Arthur prison. Whilst it looks small on screen, the text is quite legible if you take it to a photo viewer and magnify it. It makes for some very interesting reading! Posted by Picasa

The ruins of the Port Arthur prison church. Prisoners were forced to attend church every Sunday. There was another “church area” in the solitary section where the prisoners attended as well. In this area they were shut off from all other prisoners in boxes and could not see anyone. They were not allowed to speak at any other time except in the church where they were expected to sing hymns. Posted by Picasa

This is a view of the main buildings from the wharf area. Part of the cost of the tour is that you get a “harbour” cruise. I think it went for all of 20 minutes if that, but it was a pleasant day and it’s always nice to feel the movement of the sea under you. Posted by Picasa


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  1. Di Says:

    Tassie trip looks great. Glad you did something special for your B’day Jude.

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