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Our New Chooks! March 21, 2006

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 We recently went down to the Bendigo Poultry Auction and acquired ourselves a selection of lovely ladies to decorate the block. We had shifted the old cocky’s cage from Jude’s place, but when we let the girls out for a bit of a wander in the late afternoon, they wreaked havoc on Jude’s garden. So, we decided to build a lovely new pen for them so they had plenty of room to wander around.

We have two Light Sussex chooks that we got from our friend Doris. At the market, we bought four Hylines, two Speckled Sussex and three Silkies, one of which is a rooster. We have divided the pen into two areas so that the Silkies have their own “play pen”.

The pictures show Ric building the pen, Jude doing the big “release” of the girls into their new area and also Jude giving the little Silkie rooster a bit of a cuddle.

We are planning on getting more chooks. Jude wants more Silkies and Ric wants to get some Barnevelders. Posted by Picasa


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