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The Horse Yards Are Extended March 25, 2006

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 Well, here we go, we’re at it again. Joe Petersen and his trusty excavator has been in to dig some more holes! We found that Zena, (Jude’s black horse), wouldn’t canter in the yard so we decided to extend it a bit. We have added another 6 metres to it, so that should help her get a bit of pace up. You can also see our lovely shed in the background. You may notice a bit of a dent in the door. This happened because I left the door up while the concrete dried and Zena, (again, Jude’s nosy horse) decided to try and push her way in to see what was going on! The other picture of course is of Ric doing a great impersonation of a council worker leaning on the crowbar…mmmmmm…is that how you spell that? Posted by Picasa


One Response to “The Horse Yards Are Extended”

  1. mick Says:

    Please wear long pants in future photo shoots. Your blog page is becoming scary

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