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Reptilian Life March 21, 2006

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 We found this little fellow sitting on the rock just outside the front door. I had to take about 5 shots of him from varying distances in case he ran away, but he seemed quite content to sit and pose for the camera. We did have a 5ft brown snake in the same place a few weeks later, but I don’t have a telephoto lens strong enough to take a shot like that….not from where I run to when there’s a snake around!!! Posted by Picasa


Magnificent Wedderburn

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 These photos were all taken from our block. We get the most magnificent sunset views and I’m just waiting on an even better full moon shot when it is rising over the mountain. Posted by Picasa


Our Few Days Away

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 After dropping the furniture at Sheridan’s place we went over to my brother Mick’s new home in Upper Beaconsfield. We had a good night as we don’t see each other very often. Bardie (our dog) had to come with us as we couldn’t leave her for three days on her own. Here we have a photo of Jude in Mick’s indoor pool and another photo of Bardie with Mick’s Bull Mastiff, Bob.

PS. I finally worked out how to get these damn photos smaller. Just click on them for a larger view. Posted by Picasa


Trying to save a Quid!!

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 After we moved out to the block in January, we decided to take some surplus furniture down to Sheridan in Melbourne. We only got as far as Inglewood, 30km away, before blowing a radiator hose. Here is the car and trailer sitting on the side of the road, while we sat on the other waiting for the RACV to turn up. It was ages before we got the car back as they couldn’t get a replacement hose. We sent the furniture down with a local trucking company and drove down in Jude’s car. Posted by Picasa


Our Last Christmas at St Arnaud Road

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 Billy and Betty on the verandah at St Arnaud Rd, opening their presents. Posted by Picasa


More Birds From The Block

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 All these birds were photographed on our block with the exception of the Kookaburra. We do get them out the block, but this was such a good photo of one that I took elsewhere that I thought I would use it here. Posted by Picasa


Jude’s Garden

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 Jude’s garden is really coming along. The drought has us hit hard without rainfall, but fortunately we have plenty of dam water to keep the plants going until they are really well established. Hopefully, they will be able to look after themselves then. Posted by Picasa