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Bamboo Scaffolding? March 25, 2006

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This quite amazing structure was in the park area next to the library in Bendigo for the Commonwealth Games. It is built entirely of bamboo. There were several shows conducted by the Melbourne Fringe Festival group, but at other times, children were allowed to play on all the equipment. It was a really amazing structure, so don’t miss out on clicking on the photo to see a larger view of it. Posted by Picasa


Bendigo Festival for the Commonwealth Games

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Bendigo held a Cultural Festival for the Commonwealth Games on Thursday 23rd March 2006. The Central Goldfields Bush Poets, of whom Ric is the Vice-President, conducted a show there which exposed Bendigo residents and visitors to Bush Poetry and traditional Australian music. Many of the members of the club performed and Ric performed a solo of a traditional Australian song, “The Banks of the Condamine”. You can find out more about the group on their web site for the Central Goldfields Bush Poets Posted by Picasa


The Horse Yards Are Extended

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 Well, here we go, we’re at it again. Joe Petersen and his trusty excavator has been in to dig some more holes! We found that Zena, (Jude’s black horse), wouldn’t canter in the yard so we decided to extend it a bit. We have added another 6 metres to it, so that should help her get a bit of pace up. You can also see our lovely shed in the background. You may notice a bit of a dent in the door. This happened because I left the door up while the concrete dried and Zena, (again, Jude’s nosy horse) decided to try and push her way in to see what was going on! The other picture of course is of Ric doing a great impersonation of a council worker leaning on the crowbar…mmmmmm…is that how you spell that? Posted by Picasa


Our New Chooks! March 21, 2006

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 We recently went down to the Bendigo Poultry Auction and acquired ourselves a selection of lovely ladies to decorate the block. We had shifted the old cocky’s cage from Jude’s place, but when we let the girls out for a bit of a wander in the late afternoon, they wreaked havoc on Jude’s garden. So, we decided to build a lovely new pen for them so they had plenty of room to wander around.

We have two Light Sussex chooks that we got from our friend Doris. At the market, we bought four Hylines, two Speckled Sussex and three Silkies, one of which is a rooster. We have divided the pen into two areas so that the Silkies have their own “play pen”.

The pictures show Ric building the pen, Jude doing the big “release” of the girls into their new area and also Jude giving the little Silkie rooster a bit of a cuddle.

We are planning on getting more chooks. Jude wants more Silkies and Ric wants to get some Barnevelders. Posted by Picasa


Kate’s 21st

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 Our daughter Kate, turned 21 on the 2nd February, but didn’t have her party till the 18th February. Here are some of the shots. There’s Kate with Dylan, Jude of course, Ric’s brother Kevin, Ric’s mum and Ric and the last one is of Kate with her younger sister Jacqueline. Posted by Picasa


Bill & Betty Ritchie

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 A commmemorative pic of Jude’s Mum and Dad taken when we returned from celebrating Billy’s birthday out at his favourite pub. Posted by Picasa


Jude’s Dad turns 87

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 This is a picture of Bill taken at the Wychitella Pub on his 87th birthday. Posted by Picasa